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Our Commitment To You

Range Guarantee Cooking Instructions Flexible Delivery Expert Advice Meat Sampling Sessions


Product replacement guarantee
With all our ranges we offer a full replacement guarantee should you be unsatisfied with any of our products.

Cooking instructions provided
We also provide detailed cooking instructions with all our ranges to help you achieve the perfect result when cooking.

Flexibility in pick up or delivery arrangements
If you purchase from our Platinum or Gold range we offer more flexible delivery or pick up options.

Expert advice on meat selection
Also with our Platinum and Gold ranges, we offer expert advice on meat selections to assist you in preparing for special events.

Invitations to meat sampling
If you purchase from our Platinum range you'll receive invitations to exclusive meat sampling sessions hosted by professional chefs.

As we source our meat based on quality, this means we have a number of different suppliers.
We advertise our meats as ETHICALLY RAISED & HUMANELY PROCESSED, marketing towards the mainstream population. We will not claim that all our meats are Halal certified. This can be misleading when there are so many meat processors in Australia.