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Our Showroom is at 129 Canberra Avenue open SATURDAYS 10am-4pm with selected products for immediate purchase and online order collections (ordered prior to 12pm Fridays).

'BBQing' in Style


Bayldon Premium Sausages (600g, Frozen) $12.50 packet

Bayldon Premium Patties (1 kg, Frozen) $19.50 packet

Wagyu Mince 600g pack (MBS 9, frozen) $22.50 packet

Beef Short Ribs MBS 2 $29.50/kilo

Beef Short Ribs MBS 4 $39.50/kilo

Beef Short Ribs Meat (1kg) $39.50 packet

Brisket MBS 2 (Pasture Fed) $23.80/kilo

Brisket MBS 4 (Pasture Fed) $24.00/kilo

Wagyu Brisket MBS 5 $27.55/kilo

Wagyu Brisket MBS 7

Wagyu Brisket MBS 9

Wagyu Blade Steak MBS 8/9 (1kg) $39.50/kilo

Wagyu Minute Steaks MBS 9 (600g) $35.28 packet

Wagyu Eye Round Steaks MBS 9 (1kg) $49.00/kilo

Chuck Eye Roll Steak 1kg $39.50 pack

Beef Bone in Shin $18.00/kilo

Wagyu Topside Roast (cap on) MBS 9 $39/kilo

Wagyu Blade Primal MBS 9 $39.50/kilo

Wagyu Inside Skirt Steak MBS 8/9 $59.90/kilo (Frozen)

Wagyu Beef Cheeks $49/kilo

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Cut from grain/pasture fed yearling & young prime cattles to ensure tenderness

Silver Scotch Fillet

Silver Porterhouse

Silver Rump

Silver Eye Fillet Primal $49/kilo

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Purchase Gold and Platinum Range online and have them Dry-Aged using our state of the art equipment free of charge. Please call us after purchase on 6225 7199 to arrange.



Pasture Fed Meat Standard Australia (MSA) Graded; or Certified Angus MSA graded; or Grain Fed MSA Graded Marble Score 2+

Gold Scotch Fillet

Gold Porterhouse

Gold Rump

Gold Eye Fillet Primal $69/kilo

Gold Rib Eye

Gold Range Tomahawk $59/kilo

Gold Range T-Bone Steak $49/Kilo

Gold Range T-Bone Primal $117 ($39/kilo)

Gold Range Dry Aged 30 days Rump Steaks $49/kilo

Gold Range Dry Aged 21 days Bone in Porterhouse Steaks $105/kg

Gold Range Dry Aged 35 days Bone in Porterhosue $119/kg

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Our Values: Provide total clarity in meat quality with only verifiable facts, no ambiguous price discount, just value for money, replacement guarantee product satisfaction



Pasture Fed MSA graded Marble Score 2+; or Certified Angus MSA graded Marble Score 2+; or Grain Fed Marble Score 5+(Wagyu)

Platinum Scotch Fillet (Wagyu Grain Fed MBS 5+)

Platinum Scotch Fillet (Pasture Fed MBS 4+)

Platinum Porterhouse (Wagyu Grain Fed MBS 5+)

Platinum Porterhouse (Pasture Fed MBS 4+)

Platinum Rump (Wagyu Grain Fed MBS 5+)

Platinum Eye Fillet Primal (Wagyu Grain Fed MBS 5+) $99/kilo

Platinum Eye Fillet Primal (Pasture Fed MBS 4+) $99/kilo

Platinum Bone-in Porterhouse (Grain Fed) $72/kilo

Platinum T-Bone Steaks (Wagyu Grain Fed MBS 5+) $79/kilo

Platinum Tomahawk (Wagyu Grain Fed MBS 5+) $69/kilo

Platinum Op Rib Eye (Wagyu Grain Fed MBS 5+) $69-$79/kilo

Platinum Op Rib Eye (Pasture Fed MBS 4+) $69 - $79/kilo

Special Orders

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Wagyu Marble Score 7
Wagyu Marble Score 9

Wagyu Marble Score 10
Japanese A5 Wagyu Marble Score 11/12

Platinum+ Eye Fillet (Wagyu Primal MBS9) $179/kilo

Platinum+ Tomahawk (Wagyu MBS9) $159/kg

Platinum+ Scotch Fillet (Wagyu MBS 7)

Platinum+ Porterhouse (Wagyu MBS 7)

Platinum+ Scotch Fillet (Wagyu MBS 9) $208/kilo

Platinum+ Porterhouse (Wagyu MBS 9)

Platinum+ Bone in Porterhouse (Wagyu MBS 9) $139/kilo

Platinum+ Scotch Fillet (Wagyu MBS 10) $285/kg

Platinum+ Porterhouse (Wagyu MBS 10+) $209/kilo

Platinum+ Scotch Fillet A5 (MBS 11/12)
$350/kilo - SOLD OUT

Platinum+ Porterhouse A5 (MBS 11/12)

Platinum+ Dry Aged Wagyu Scotch MBS9 - Rendered in Wagyu Fat

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