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Dry Age Journey Dry Age Journey Dry Age Journey Dry Age Journey

Dry Age Journey

Dry Age Journey


Please message us with any questions and/or to book your Dry Age Journey. 

Dry Age Journey.

Platinum+ Marble Score 9 Wagyu Porterhouse

Have you ever wanted a unique steak experience that will intensify the natural meat flavours and develop the tenderness?

Dry Age steak can possibly provide this for you.

  • The longer the meat is in the Dry Ager, the more intense the flavour becomes. This can mean Dry-Aged meat is not for everyone due to its distinctive taste.


We at Bayldon Meat Online would like to share with meat connoisseurs an experience of watching and tasting the meat as it progresses. This will allow you to see and enjoy the product at various lengths of times during the Dry-Aging process and help you find the right Dry Age period of time for your taste.

We will be cutting steaks from the primal at the below intervals -

·         14 days steak

·         84 days steak

·         28 days steak

·         98 days steak

·         42 days steak

·         112 days steak

·         56 days steak

·         126 days steak

·         70 days steak

·         140 days steak


Please message us if you are interested and to book your steaks and we will be in contact. Prices to be confirmed.